How Much Does It Cost To Rent Portable Toilets For One Day?

You may need a portable toilet whether you are planning an event or remodeling of your home bathroom. An event lasts for a few hours and a remodeling job lasts for a day, not more than that. So, for such purposes, you have to rent one or two portable toilet units, depending upon the number of people, for a day. If you wanted to know the rental price for a day before you get them to your place, then you need to request an online free quote to a porta potty rental service provider.

You need to know the rental rate for a day varies with the type of it and accessories equipped to it. If you order high end model like VIP self contained, then it may cost more than the basic. Basic accessories like toilet paper or tissue papers are added without any charges, you get restroom units fully stocked with accessories. For additional accessories like mirror or toilet seats, you need to pay more.

Porta potty rental cost varies with the service provider you choose, give preference to the quality don’t blindly go with the lowest. For a basic john unit, it costs somewhere in between $50 to $100. You can now estimate the pricing for other models.