Portable Restroom Rental

Porta Potty Rental’s individual restroom is the most affordable sanitation solution and blends with any event location and construction site. Individual Restroom often have only single toilet, and cited as a single unit restroom. Our portable individual restroom is precedence for small and cost effective events or construction projects.

Rent a Porta Potty at us for lesser rates or rent customized sanitary equipment which are equipped with hand washing sinks or hand washing station. It acquiesces hygienic and healthful guidelines. Our single toilet unit is affixed with fresh running water, congenial lighting and amiable odor maintenance system facilities. All individual restrooms are neutered using advanced sterilizing techniques and equipped with toilet paper, hand towels, soap and deodorizer before every delivery.

Our individual restroom overall dimension includes: Height: 8′.0″, Width: 4′.0″, Depth: 4′.0″. It comprises of features like fully flushing recirculating tank, fully stocked with toilet amenities and hot water facility on customer request. Our single Portable Potty lavatory unit is light weighted, ergo can be lifted easily. We dispose all waste safely following current waste disposal regulations.

Following are the Portable Restroom Types available with us